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We’re closing out this Opus One season with Hope Clayburn’s Soul Scrimmage.

Thursday, April 18 / 7:30 p.m. / The Warehouse

Tickets $25, Student Tickets $12.50- available in advance or at the door.  Call (901) 537-2525 or buy online.


Opus One with North Mississippi Allstars

Be sure to join us this week! Luther and Cody Dickinson brought some of their favorite tunes to arranger Sam Shoup to create a Southern-inspired sound that blends NMA’s earthiness with the Memphis Symphony’s intensity. Find out more about the program as we continue to update.

You’ve heard an orchestra.  At the very least, you know what an orchestra is.  It’s a group of very talented musicians playing great musical works from mostly dead guys.  Maybe to you these musicians resemble stuffy penguins on stage with a passion-ridden conductor flapping his or her arms around.  Worst of all — you’re not allowed to cough.  Or speak.  Or text.  If you do any of these things, chances are an irate person will find a way to trip you when you’re on the way to the bathroom during the insufficient 15 minute intermission.

We are those musicians.  We love playing our dead-guy music.

But we’re much more than that.

Here at the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, we balance our “stuffy” dead-guy music with something completely innovative and hip: cross-cultural, inter-musical, poly-art forms, often paired with a guest artist completely out of the classical music genre.  We defy the idea of ‘high art’ and ‘low art’.  To us, the Opus One series is a breath of fresh air allowing us to expand our boundaries and smash the barriers separating classical musicians from “other musicians”.

We are Opus One.

Photo credit: Melissa Anderson Sweazy

Opus One: Al Kapone & UDig Dancers

 Photo credit: Melissa Anderson Sweazy

We break away from our traditional concert halls for venues in downtown places like The New Daisy Theater, the Rumba Room, and Stop 345.  Wear whatever you want.  When you come to hear us and experience the art we have to offer you, we want you to discuss it, hang out with your friends while you enjoy the music, and drink some beer.

We’ve got some really exciting concerts coming up this year.  Our first concert is with rapper Al Kapone.  Thursday, November 10 at 7:30 p.m., hear an amazing hip-hop rapper perform with Opus One and the UDig Dance Company.  (Seriously, have you ever seen a rapper perform with an orchestra?!)  Later on this year we have the privilege of performing with Marcela Pinilla, a talented Latin-jazz singer, and Lucero, a Memphis-based folk rock band.  View our website here for more information.

As you explore our website and our blog, remember:

This is not your typical experience.